Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visiting The Avengers Movie Set!

They are shooting scenes for next year's The Avengers movie in Cleveland, OH. After we finished helping with mom's basement we paid a visit to the set in downtown Cleveland to see what we could see. It was amazing to see how they could transform 2 blocks of old Cleveland into demolished New York City!
 It looked so real! It really seemed like huge chunks of the buildings had been blasted out and fallen on vehicles on the road. It was definitely impressive.
 I surely wouldn't want to be the person that has to clean this all up once they are done shooting. Look at the carefully placed piles of debris and small chunks of concrete.
 It felt like we were in the wrong city with all the NYPD cars, NY Taxis and buses on the set. Below you can see them setting up one of the cameras for their shoot.
 Crews were bringing all the fancy camera equipment. They are getting ready to shoot an action scene with explosions, smoke and fire.
 This large rig was special to see. On one end is a camera that extends really high up and will move up/down & side to side to get all the best angles of the action!
 Once they started shooting some small action scenes with the extras running from the smoke/fire the scene looked quite realistic. It really looked like a war zone in there!
 It's amazing how many people are involved. Below is crew and extras working on a scene.
 It was fun walking down the streets closed off for the shoot and seeing all the extra New York vehicles they will be using on set. Like this NYPD car and WABC NY TV News crew van. Cool! It felt more like we were in NYC than Cleveland. Ha!


  1. Just look at what those messy Avengers have done! LOL I put 2 of these photos and a hyperlink to your site on my movie blog! ;-)

  2. Nice coverage Kat! Sure glad your back into town.